Working with the world's best developers and studios enables great things to happen and some incredible game creations to reach a global audience. Monetisation is a balance between attracting brand advertising spend and offering a tailored, authentic brand ad experience to your players. WeGame2 understand this has to be done with consideration to the individuality of the gamer and that creating better brand interactions adds long-term value for both the game and the player.

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Helping to create a ‘How to Guide’ for advertisers and agencies enabling them to understand your latest ad products, how players engage, what geo’s can be targeted and how they fit into their overall marketing strategy.
Best Practice for Developing Monetisable Ad Units or Experiences
What are the advertising guidelines you need to adhere to for ad units to make them high performing. What metrics can you report on and how do you quantify ROI for advertisers.

Brand Partnerships
Collaboration between premium titles and big names advertisers can lead to market-first creations and truly unique activations. WeGame2 can facilitate conversations with some of the world’s best-known agencies and advertisers to ideate on the next big gaming campaigns.

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By partnering with WeGame2, you can benefit from our deep understanding of the gaming landscape and our ability to unlock the immense potential it holds for your brand. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that drive brand growth and engagement